One of most effective possibilities for CO2 emissions reduction on global scale is substitution of fossil fuel with nuclear energy. Nuclear technology is the only technology without CO2 emissions that enables sustainable and reliable production of electricity in the amount that is needed by modern, environmentally responsible society.

The technological development, consulting and analyses are needed for safe and effective use of nuclear energy. In ZEL-EN we are providing several research and development, support and consulting services on national and global market.

Research and development, support and consulting services:

  1. Services on the nuclear technology field
  2. Preparation and review of analyses in the field of nuclear safety, nuclear energy and technology
  3. Engineering services
  4. Modeling, simulations and analyses with computer software Apros. We have references in the modeling of several systems of nuclear power plant: primary system, core kinetics, electric systems, I&C, secondary system with turbine and generator. The program is applicable also to other process and energy systems which involve fluid flow, electric components (pumps, fans and valves) and I&C.